This Letter was sent to the president by Anwar Esmat El Sadat, Representative of the Founders of Reform & Development Party, it was published on El Dostor Newspaper on its edition of Friday the 20th of March 2009

A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President…

In light of the critical conditions in Egypt on the political and economical levels in recent times, I wish that you would not to listen to the bad advisers, who did not give up over your presidential period to have your approval on many executive and legislative decisions, and the days has proved that these decisions were harmful to you and harmful to the interests of the citizens.

The truth is that the examples of what your assistants and consultants execute against the Egyptians are hard to be absorbed, but we may recall some living models … Such as, Mamdouh Ismail, owner of Al Salam 98, which was nominated by your assistants to be appointed to Al Shura Council, and after he caused the death of hundreds of the Egyptians, the Council was very slow to take away his immunity until he was able to escape out of the country, and now, after the verdict in absentia of 7 years imprisonment ,the public opinion raised a question and need your Excellency to answer …. Is it not worthy that the Shura Council would issue a statement apologizing to the families of the victims and to the Egyptians as whole, about those bad choices?!

In the same context, we found a consensus of the Egyptians as well as the foreigners experts in both petrol and energy about the decline in the level of oil production in Egypt, in addition to the increase in the indebtedness of the petroleum sector to a large extent. In addition to the dissatisfaction of the political and the public powers about the performance of the Ministry of Petroleum as it did not achieve the required level and it misuses our welfare. However, the workers in this sector get generous bonuses…!!
Let alone Toshka project, which your consultants challenged the experts and scientists who warned about the difficulty of achieving the expected benefits of that project, not only that but they distributed the lands to a group of beneficiaries with the cheapest prices, and the result is the deterioration of the infrastructure of the project and the citizens did not feel any tangible returns. Almost the project failed at the end.
And about The infamous laws and legislation, Mr. President, everyone knows that the emergency law does not apply in any country all over the world for more than 6 months, but related to and for flimsy reasons, your consultants advise you to extend the emergency law for continuous 28 years, which damaged the image of the ruling regime in Egypt, in addition to some constitutional amendments, especially the amendment to the subject of 76, which the intellectuals stressed that it is shameful in all respects.

And we can not ignore the project of the ownership of public shares. And previously selling the assets of the country from the public sector, which did not have any outcome on the citizens or on the economy of the country….

And what we can not absorb at all, is while we are complaining about the deterioration of the educational process… a law had been issued to delay the education as the schools will be closed on the occasion of Taba’s liberation – which is part of our land, and dear to our heart- but we did not see anywhere in the world, holidays which suddenly appear without any notification or discussion, especially after a long period, and then most of the categories of people are excluded from it….

There is no doubt that the government, which used to provoke the Egyptians through its individual decisions without referring to the stakeholders of the people, sparked anger among all the Egyptians, teachers, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, university professors, workers and peasants, they became filled with protests and sit-ins, everywhere, here and there throughout the country you would find a group seeking their rights and protesting against the policies and legislation of the Government who choose to fill your Excellency’s ears with talks instead of listening to the demands of the people.

What we really need, Mr. President, as you are the president of all Egyptians, not only the National Party, is to meet and gather those who are interested and engaged with the national affairs, such as the Egyptian writers, intellectuals, independent members of the parliament, the opposing parties and political activists, so that the other side of truth would reveal. At the end, you are free to judge the matters after listening to them and they listen to you.

It is not reasonable to see that every day a group of Egyptian sons’ prepare their demands to provide them to the American President to reach you during your visit to the United States of America. In a world of change and financial crises and conflicts which all are suffering from … We need what is known about you of being determined to heal the rift in the Arab, the African and the regional levels.

As the President of the Republic, please also consider the reunion of the Egyptian national family so that we can all see what we wish for our beloved country .

May Allah help you for the goodness of our country….. .
Anwar Esmat El Sadat
Founder Representative of
Reform & Development Party
Tel.: 24184919 & Fax: 24184920


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